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We say that we have the most beautiful county in Romania, the richest and most diversified in tourist attractions!

And because we are convinced that this is the case, we invite you to visit our digital platform and see for yourself this appreciation.

You will find both renowned tourist attractions already known in the country and abroad, as well as unknown attractions that will delight you with their details, uniqueness, and beauty!

From Castles and Citadels to Monuments, Tourist Resorts, National Parks and Reservations, Beautiful Places, Ecotourism, Natural Monuments, Churches, Mountain Tourism, Relaxation and Adventure spots, as well as Unique attractions. We challenge you to visit them, starting with our digital platform, but the most important thing is to visit them in person and enjoy their beauty and uniqueness!

We challenge you to stay informed about our events, where you can find the same diversity: sports, music, cultural, historical and traditional events reveal the attractiveness and uniqueness of our county! And because we want to help you extend your stay in our county, we also provide detailed information on the most interesting and attractive locations for accommodation (hotels and guesthouses), recommended places to eat (restaurants, pizzerias) or relax (cafes, bars, and pastry shops).

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We invite you to visit Hunedoara County and enjoy the beauty and diversity of its tourist attractions!

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